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At Tummy Culture we produce and promote the highest quality, best tasting fermented food and drinks. Fermented Foods are rich in beneficial gut-loving probiotic bacteria; they enhance the immune system, and diversify your gut microbiome. We fermented our first water kefir five years ago then developed unique flavoured fermented honey and booster juices, moving forward we will be developing innovative, microbiome boosting foods, drinks and snacks.

Probiotic supplements are just that ..supplements !

Water kefir and fermented foods are nature’s way of rebalancing our gut environment.

We at Tummy Culture hope you join us on this remarkable journey to a healthier inner culture.

About Us


store owner

Hi, I'm Bobby and thank you for taking the time out to visit the Tummy Culture website.

I've been very fortunate to travel to many exciting countries over the years , I love experiencing new foods and ways of creating new dishes using familiar ingredients. Unfortunately, even the best-prepared travellers can succumb to tummy problems with all the new food & drinks.

Without exception, every culture will have some traditional, centuries-old remedy for an upset stomach. The most common cures stem from some type of fermented product, typically yogurt type drinks are well-known. For the dairy free among us, I found people drinking 'Fermented Water Kefir'. No one really knows its origins or background but some evidence points to Mexico and the "prickly pear cactus". The culture grains have also been mentioned by various names around the far east.

We've been fermenting water kefir for about five years,first for friends & family but we also supplied health conscious consumers at weddings, open-air events, and farmers market stalls, this all had to change in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic. Our loyal customers still wanted their water kefirs ,honeys & booster juices .So we setup the Tummy Culture website to keep our customers supplied with their favourite high quality products. Authenticity and uniqueness are key to our products and this is why we will only sell direct to customers and not through large retailers. 

Over the last five years, we've acquired many different grains of kefir culture and after countless batches; we believe we now ferment the best tasting water kefir anywhere. At Tummy Culture we are proud to say we only use the highest quality organic ingredients, we NEVER use any artificial additives or sweeteners, our clear labels show we have nothing to hide.

Your gut will love you for choosing Tummy Culture. 

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